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92                        THE FATE OF MAN

Marx failed to realize the depth of both and
of course he underestimated the significance of
national instincts, as was proved by the reaction
of socialist workers at the beginning of the war.

Cosmopolitanism is really the logical product
of the capitalist world and technical civilization,
which separate man from the telluric, natural
bases of his life. The armament-makers, pro-
ducing poison gas for war, usually hide behind
Nationalism and patriotism, demanding war to a
victory, but in reality they are cosmopolitans.
Socialist-internationalists are right both when
they claim to be international and when they
claim to be national: where the social and the
national conflict, justice is more often on the side
of the social. This is usually a conflict between
ethos and eros, although an erotic attitude toward
social justice is also possible. One may love his
own country and his own people, but demand a
worthy human existence and the realization of
justice in their life.

The social re-birth of Nationalism is character-
istic of our time. It has ceased to be the heritage
of the ruling bourgeois classes and becomes that
of the popular mass. Modern Nationalism is
popular and democratic. In the social sphere,
its partisans are chiefly in the petit-bourgeois, the
de-classed and proletarianized elements of society,
together with the peasant masses, close to the